Sunday, July 7, 2013


disfigured by pride

I shooed the pride away
In silence it grew around my neck little by little
So, I curbed it by its neck
It ballooned out of my hand
I waited for it to explode
In silence I heard it roar
And I can’t hear me speak any more.

So, I started humming a tune
From a melodious to a high pitch one
I spoke expressions that gushed out of no one’s land
and wore colours that bloomed
out of the pond of self-conceitedness
Engaged to night in broad daylight
I stand still in front of a mirror
and all I see is a clueless veiled bride

So I take the jewels off my body
I rub the colours off my skin
till I feel the warmth of my own blood
And for a moment, for once, I feel near to me
drenched in the two red; one false and true
And as I look at my hands trying to identify
I realize the loss that I once used to dread

And when the swiveling group of pride stings me
I run to save myself on a road unknown
I know I’ll get lost, I know
I’m thinking of the place where I might land
If I could have my fears fanned
I would stand still and feel each sting
And in my ears, hear the pride ring
The lies it has got for me
I try to hear from distance the warning
Of the flying truth soon to be a bygone

So I close my eyes and I remember
a music that can still reach my ears,
A melody so pure that can meet,
the truth’s seat at a depth inside me,
in a well where both heaven and hell flow
A song that can melt my pride into tears
and smile, honey and brine
A tune that with affection can lift the veil
to smoothen my disfigured face

And I’m hearing it now
a harmony in the chaos
With a curtain that’s not low
I’m seeing clearly a dove
with which, to bliss a melancholy just rose
and a pride glowing with humility
Where’s the disfigured me?
All I now see is splendour
All I now hear is splendour..

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  1. Wow that is very nice poem....Really loved the lines.. :-)

  2. every stanza is beautiful with its own message .. nice :)

  3. Sakshi really beautiful, I liked the last stanza very much

    1. Last stanza is the one that provides yes in a way, it's the best :)
      Thank you for visiting the blog :)

  4. Pride is one of the biggest reasons people struggle with sins.The importance of rooting out pride from our lives cannot be overstated.loved the lines sakshi. Looking forward to more :)

    1. and music has been the only way..really glad you liked the concept and the poem..keep reading here :)

  5. self awakening is blissful and equally fabulous is your creation :) Wonderful,I say :)

    1. and equally pleasant is your comment :)
      Thank you and keep reading here :)

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