Friday, September 14, 2012

The Hero

Numb the time and swell it
Let the bloodstream stop and listen to your heartbeats
The moment would pause and history disappear
Let the present throb till it dies of wear and tear…..

Pluck and eat the fruits of anxieties from the garden of future
Stare at the sky and ask it to pour
The greenery that your present needs
Don’t let this time be pricked…

Cheat logic for once in your life
Drive away your child like passions in a car to a beach
Abscond the building of boundaries
Run away… Run away from the daily redundant drudgeries

Grind your emotions and feed them to your heart
Make it beat faster and redder
Kiss the panic and seduce it till it surrenders
Create a house of cards and demolish it…

Dare the stillness to move by an inch
Interview the silence and hear it out for what it speaks
Memorize the conversation that you would have
Retrospect what you and others didn’t convey
Is there a smile, a fury, or any other curve that your lips might make?

Pump this moment with air and make it float
Steer the ship of problems to an unknown island and then flee
Swim back from the widowed waters and don’t turn back
But don’t wait for any welcome, you hero, from the folks of your city
In your mind, just ink a shade darker the route you followed on the waters
Don’t let the defeats, slaughters, injuries make your solid steps falter

Break in the dark and dingy territories
Open the floodgates to deluge the area in the river of spirit
Drop the match stick and paint the city in a colour of orange for a change
Before of course it dies of the colour into ashes
But don’t you rest now, you hero, your work is not yet done
Watch out! There are shadows lurking around to be burnt

Now wake up, you killed all those music-less places of anxieties
The music now soothes you
You won’t look at your life and others’ and extract disparities
The present now awaits you
You won’t look back and fear the curves ahead on your way
The road now awaits you
You won’t weigh your past and future against your blood
The life now awaits you..!