Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Fugitive

A lonely street I see, in front of me
Full of people’s dreams floating in the air
It makes me wonder, “Where is my sleep?”
This night is passing away,
 And the dawn is near

I try to listen to the sound of tip toe
Somewhere I know I’ll find it if I follow
But it seems all I hear, is my panting breath
And even my heart beats have gone low
Where are you my slippery sleep?
What have you slipped into? Where did you go?

To my left and right, I toss and toss
My now straight legs I then again cross
In my mind I still wander here and there
This consciousness, now my mind cannot bear
Someone tell me where are my dreams, where?
Can’t you see my helplessness now bare…?

I’m on the verge of giving up now
The sun is rising  and  the sky has allowed
The birds to fly towards the horizon
And as I see the scene outside my window so mesmerizing
“Forget it..!!”, I say, springing out of my bed
Why should I mourn over my sleep which has fled…?

A rusty book I see, in front of me
Full of hazy words floating in there
It makes me wonder, “where is my sleep?..!!”
The book from my hands is slipping away
.........And my sleep is finally near……! 



  1. Beautifully penned the sleepless night of the writer caused by some unknown reason. lovely. keep it up.

  2. Oh..these sleepless nights are recurring in nature, showing up any time like an uncalled guest;) and yes thank you:)

  3. hey Indrajit, thank u :) Keep reading!!

  4. wohoo Sakshi, this one had an entirely different take to it!! nice read :)

    1. aha..!! feels nice that u liked it:)

  5. Nice post Sakshi...! Beautiful use of words...

    I would be glad if you take a look at my blog
    Need some constructive criticism...

    1. Hi Manas.. I read few blog posts of you and you have clearly put your point of views there which are really good..thank god, there are people like you who think on those lines regarding the social hypocrisy.. I have also left a comment on one of your blog-posts..and in the name of 'constructive criticism' that you had asked for, i would like to say that the little explanation that you have given while writing about your blog is good but you have used SMS language over there, otherwise your blog posts have been well written according to me and that is something i like and appreciate..

      and yes thank you for the nice words for my blog and the opportunity to share my views on your blog :)

  6. Thanz a lot Sakshi. :)
    Yeah initially I used sms lingo. I forgot to make the changes in that explanation. Thanx for reminding me. And I really hope, there are many more people who think like us...then only we can cause a change in this society.
    Waiting for your future posts.

  7. Lovely... I couldn't stop smiling after reading it as I am currently in the same situation.. Quite apt for me at this point...

    1. I hope your lost sleep comes back to you!!
      Glad u liked the post.. :):)