Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The World of Reflectors

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Nowadays , many companies adopt the idea of hiring employees under a certain bond wherein if the employees leave while under the bond, are enforced to pay the bond amount by the company. I know, you guys know all that; there’s nothing new about it. I was in fact, some time back, working in a company under a bond. And of course after being acknowledged with the bond deal, the peripatetic mind of mine started exploring new areas then, in order to establish new settlements of thoughts and ideas…
“What if I die before time during the bond period………..
 What the company would do then??...
 How would it affect it…??”
Not that I was some sort of an indispensable possession for the company, it was just that, this thought came to me after I went through various explanations as to why a company makes her employees sign bonds.

And then the nomad in my head went ahead in order to reach something stupendous.
And a loop of an array of axiomatic facts started running. I once again came across a fact known to me ab ovo that NOTHING IS CERTAIN….These three words stood, tall, dark and firm, stealing the shadow from the sun, in front of me. What followed was an insurrection of the world of reflectors….
What is it that you staunchly believe in?
Is it you yourself or something that you  have never seen?
Do you believe in idol worship?
it is a polemical topic indeed…!!

I consider this world  to be full of reflectors and one ultimate source of energy. I believe that whatever we believe in gets stregthened with our faith. Whether we consider Shiva as our god or Jesus as the son of god, the fact is we have not seen them and that we derive strength from them by having faith in them. In fact, it’s a reversible reaction. Not just we, but the idols themselves seek strength from our devotion. And it’s more than just a self fulfilling prophecy…!!
We empower our idols by showering faith on them. And where does that faith come from?..Something or someone must have reflected it on us. It’s upon us whether we derive it or not!!

Those who are atheists could derive strength from a person or any other tangible or intangible entity. When one is in a relationship, one derives the strength from the person he or she loves. We all reflect an assortment of emotions to people around us. We derive confidence from different things and then reflect them onto somebody else!!

We talk about steep inflation, economic meltdown, recession and the list of unanticipated perturbing stuff goes on. We talk about end of the world and create a brouhaha and then we get indifferent towards it. And this apathy we then reflect around us. Well we say that there is a surging wave of a cause celebre cutting through the city because we ourselves help that wave spread across the whole place.
We move around with the reflectors.

We’re always able to see the reflection of any kind of maelstrom or harmony that resides within us, in our outer world. That’s why the pithy, The best way to cheer yourself up is to try to cheer somebody else up.....-Mark Twain

I can find immense joy on seeing a few rain drops splashing on a leaf which collects the drops in its palm just like we do by stretching out our arms out in the rain. I can also feel all desolated and gloomy looking at the rain by personifying the crying sky!!
This is because I see the reflection of  those soft emotions in this carapace like world. We all do that.
I still try to hold on to my beliefs with all of my strength. Some of my beliefs are a priori and those which do not have firm grounds are provided with one, which is again my faith. And I’ll defy them ad infinitum………..


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Living on the Crossroads of Time Travel

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“I saw a feather so light, away from its source, god knows for how long did it fly,
I stretched my arm to its full length and it came to rest on my palm, peacefully there it lied,
For a moment it kept still, till it wandered away outside the window leaving my hand empty,
and me with just a melancholy sigh…………………………………”

Sincerely speaking, I abstain from all bad habits…..but one…..one big one….and that is demoralising myself

Have you ever felt the balloning tranquility fill in yourself so completely that would simply make you fly into the transcendence? Have you felt your psyche so light, not from the burdens, but from the uncertainties; not from the failures, but from the fear of the failures; not because it weighs nothing, but because you don’t tense your muscles to hold it back?

Have you ever looked around and felt petrified when met with the few glaringly hideous images of lives of those little children at traffic signals, who have got nothing to lose and got nothing to live with, not even hope.
We move on, but where do they go?

So what do I demoralise myself with? Well, I do it with the concealed probable mishappenings that might take in my future; ie, sequestering from my loved ones and not making a success in my professional life. Uptill now it was my past that used to shadow me, so if I allow the future to further blur me then all that will be left with me will be darkness and I won’t reach anywhere but just stumbling upon anything with no light greeting me or guiding me.

Our lives are never immaculately blissful but we’ve enough to be happy and at times we’re really happy….aren’t we?..
But we do allow the time travelling of worries from the future and the past to meet us on the crossroads of our present more than often at various stops of our lives. And above all, we are always ready to arrange the rendezvous with them…. aren’t we?
"And to live on the crossroads, 
is more dangerous than children living on the side of the roads...
the crossroads of time travelling of fears in hurly burly
of our worries so surly…!!

So as I get up soaked in the fresh morning light
I race with it once again, to reach the night
In between, in the evening, when the light rejuvenates with rains
I too take a break and sip coffee for a while in return of alms
And when it seems that the light is too fast to compete with
I pray god to give me the strength to break free
Of the burden, of the meetings with my qualms
I cancel them all, piercing the clouds hovering around me, with my might
I then, start to fly high on the wings of the light….”

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Ineluctable JOKE

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“Listen to me, would you listen to me…”
He turns back and sees her sleeping
He turns back again and thinks may be he’s hallucinating
“Listen to me, would you listen to me...”
This time he swirls around but in vain sees her in slumber and nothing
So he scurries away to his office and mulls over the incident
“my grandmom was sleeping and she’s in no position to banter..”
after a lot of excogitating, he procures his mind which still wants to wander
and then in the evening he gets a call from his home
anxiety, fear altogether in his eyes glumly shone
“it’s a bad news dear, grandmom has passed away……..”

he darts back to his home, his mind’s now siphoned,
his cherubic grand-mo had once decorated his life with colorful ribbons,
now that she’s gone , the ribbons seem incongruous in his life,
(for time being he forgets a dress of colorful ribbons he bought for his lovely wife!!
well this is how it is when you have a cheerful adorable grandmom die)
so his grandmom’s to be interred and his mom fighting with contrived tears, about which he knows,
asks him to listen to a joke…..a joke …yes I repeat a joke..his feelings of disgust, very deep he burrows,
his mom clears her throat as if clearing the mordant thoughts of his son
“her last wish was to share with you a joke..”
he bays grappling with the words he hears, his feet off the ground as if kicked in shin,
as he feels weird coz whether you’re sad or not, weird is weird.

He then recalls the episode that had occurred in the morning and deciphers the meaning of the conjured event. His grandmom had always felt immense joy in making people laugh. He knew he had heard his grandmo speaking and that too whilst she was sleeping. He had witnessed it.
I’m sure all you’ve must gone through times when you felt the connection between your loved ones.
For instance, when you want to talk to someone from the depth of your heart and the person calls you at the same instant or when you’re dialing the number of the person you want to talk to but get disappointed, when his/hers call is engaged , only to get elated again upon knowing the fact that the same person had been calling you then… “see there’s another connection apart from the Vodafone and all sundry”, is something that you then vauntly say!!
One can put it as Telepathy or sixth sense as some of us will acknowledge it like.

At the funeral, he is expected to give a eulogy
With serene disposition he commences with the speech
“for those who don’t know me, I’m Sam Walmart
I want to say a few words in the memory of my grandmo…”

He quotes beautiful memories of him with his gramdmo and then before ending, he decides to share the joke.
It obviously makes the imperturbable audience twitch their bottoms a bit………………….
But soon their whole bodies are restraining from shaking after they hear the hilarious joke. But the fact that the joke was actually directed from the grandmo with of course Sam as the intermediary, deluges their eyes with tears. Even those people who might had belittled grandmo in her life, have their hearts enthused with immense respect and love for her. Grandmo has posthumously cheered a group of people who otherwise don’t have enough time to take out a few minutes to share a joke and laugh whole heartedly even with their loved ones.

“Well now a little joke from my side
that i had shared once with grandmo which goes like...
My brave childhood history:
I kicked lion’s face
I pulled tiger’s tail
I broke cheeta’s leg
I threw elephants

Then the toy shop owner kicked me out…!!!"

Hearing the joke, the audience softly laughs.
Sam then does a wonderful task following footsteps of his now late granny and utters the last commensurate words of his eulogy,

"and so I would like all of you to take out a minute or two of silence
and think of a joke that would cheer up someone and definitely my grandmo…”

So, do you have a joke that you would like to share with someone close to you?
If not, then search for it now, before time runs out of your life. Coz they would always like to hear it from you, directly…and even you would also always want to share it directly with them, without an intermediary…!!!

Sunday, June 5, 2011


Time is not what is short, It’s you who is late
Thorns were not what I brought, It’s you who chose it as your fate
This was the hour that surmounted you
But you chose to name it as bane
Willingly you abandoned your powers
You immolated yourself by trapping yourself in a bait
I gave you all the happiness at your birth
But you parsimonious, saved it all, and spent nothing till date
I never asked you to become a hedonist
But what prompted you to adopt such extreme philanthropy
I gave you your freedom tightly clutched in your closed fists
Then why did you let it slip through your fingers unquestioningly?
I gave you your senses for all sundry to be perceived
It were you, not me, who abandoned every element of this world
I gave you your right to cry at your birth
It was not me but you by whom your voice was deceived
I gave you so much that even a single life of yours would not have everything relished

But look at you, it seems such a waste, 
as not one thing you want for yourself to be accomplished
I gave you the blue of sky, the brown of hills
The red of your blood running through the green of your veins
But you painted all with the color of colorless
Your days and nights void of the passion and dreams
Why did you let yourself drown in the ocean of indifference?
When you could swim through it with passion or float on your penance
Your wish to live is your only lifeline, but your insipid heart doesn’t support your spine
A life not lived is rendered as useless; you have to live it as it’s like a writ of mandamus
I want you to be a doer, to stand up straight and fight; 

I created ugly and beautiful but not this grotesque sight
I want you to write poems and prose and pump life into others’ hearts as you recite
Then what made you give up so early my son?
There are so many lessons of life yet to be learned
What happened to that soul inside that had asked once for its embodiment?
Have you shrouded it or is it no more extant?
What conviction have you followed that has zeroed you down to nothing
This is the last statement that is being uttered by me until you confess all your misdoings..

“My lord, now that this stifling colorless space I’m stuck in,
that you have made for me inescapable,
I’ll tell you what it is that has made me, in your words, so miserable
I do not yell, I do not seek, I do not avenge nor do I ditch
I’m not strong, I’m not weak, I’m not a king, nor do I preach
I do not have breadth or length, I do not have apprehensions, nor do I have the strength
My will is not broken because it was never made, there's no pride so I do not feel chagrined
You laid for me a path to walk on but it should have been upon me to decide
I neither cry nor laugh; I’m neither asleep nor am I sleep-deprived
You asked me to swim but I’ve nothing to lose and so I don’t fight
There is no way I need to follow, no road where I can get lost, so I need no lessons, no guide
You preach humanity and teach reason and passion as a way to live life
But haven’t you made mockery out of it when not a single being knows why one dies?

But I cannot die when I live no more for a single moment now
I indulge in no action against which you might act
 You can give me no mercy, I ask you for none
You can give me no wish, I don’t ask for your benison
You can give me no curse; it can do no harm to an inanimate
You can’t pursue me; i live in no pursuit of happiness
What will you do with this world when we refuse it and your heaven?
What will you destroy when nothing ever lives in your creation?
How will you ever endow pain on me and push me down to hell when I never acknowledged any kind of bliss, heaven or elation?
What can you stop when I’ve already ceased to live?
What can you start when the soul has already left the body?
My life is a battle of neither power nor love ,
my movement consists of neither circles nor lines
I’m not human like nor a brute, I cannot be murdered when I’m not even alive
I’ve given identity to nothingness; I’ve taken out the red intoxication from wine
I’m devoid of both success and failure, but this is now your failure I believe
I’m devoid of all the black and so white doesn’t soothe me
I’m devoid of all kinds of luck, and so muck doesn’t bother me
I’m not outrageous as all your actions I nullify
I’m devoid of all sense of death, life and immortality

In short I would sum up with the last chain of breaths that I uncoil beleaguering me
I asked you for this body, not for you but for my soul,
I asked you for this big world when I could've easily swam freely in a fish bowl
Yes you got me right, my lord that this life I had asked you was not for you to live
My voice was to sing freely, not in your concert, but for me
My freedom that you heavily chained was mine and so I never sought it
And so this night adopted by me, with daylight will not be lit
I who was not given the power to live in your world but to merely fit in
This world in which I’ve not lived your life, by me, with me, will now be perished…..!!!!”