Tuesday, April 30, 2013


those moments of love

How can it be? It's just a brunch!
Yet you sit here spellbinding me..
And nobody is watching, except for your eyes
And your sight fills the room
The music that’s playing melts in this moment
And I realize my eyes are not dry..

They say something beautiful, your eyes
Like a lovely song in a language I can’t understand
The music of which only I comprehend
And I don’t wish to memorize the tune
But just the bliss to stay and linger around
In this moment untouched by the world outside
So I beg to borrow some time from all the time I have
to defer the next second not containing this moment
But this moment is so strong and yet light
Like a dove set to take its flight
How do I keep it till this song ends
till your eyes leave mine?

We do the talking through the curves on our face
We walk the lanes of the memories that have just flashed
Only if I could praise; and if at all I could praise
The beauty of what we are going through now, this day
I would write forever and still remain unsated
And to understand the depth of this moment
I will have to seed it in all my dreams

We remain seated next to each other
And I feel as safe as if I were in your arms
We don’t move as if happily paralyzed
Yet I’m living a thousand lives
I don’t know, how you feel and if you understand
But all that your eyes contrive
Is like a dreamy place in a mist
Where I wish to remain endlessly

But you don’t understand
And I would know, if you did
The mirage that your eyes have created
Will do no good to me afterwards, amidst those sands
Tell me if this music will flow
Or is it just a fantasy that I plough?


  1. You know that I know that how brilliant this is! Just the ending could have been different!

    1. yup, I know that..but that's the truth!! I suggest you write down few lines for me :)

  2. Lovely :) . You described so beautifully a moment that doesn't come along very often.

    1. Thank you :) and yes..it is a rare moment that you end up longing for.. :)

  3. i can so relate to what uv written!! feel it a hundred times strongly :) ... its very courageous of you to share it with the world... god bless!!

    1. Hi Megha
      Thanks for visiting the blog and sharing your view :)
      I'm really glad that you could connect with the post and yes there is so much to share with the world, only if there were right time, right audience and right words; I hope to that soon :)
      Thank you once again!! :)

  4. Its a nice composition ! love to way you have depicted it !

  5. mesmerizing read !!Well some looks keep us spellbound and in fantasies! Awesome poem

    1. Hey..Thank You :)
      and yes we always yearn for those moments..

  6. Very Nice!! :)

  7. The pic and the poetry both compliment each other

  8. beautiful words..
    was forced to read fully once i started ..

    1. Thank You Rajat :)
      Glad you read it till the end :) :)
      Will surely visit your blog too..!!

  9. Beautiful is too short a word to describe the intensity and beauty of poem.... Nice one :-)

    1. Hey, thank you :) Loved your comment :)
      Thank you again :)
      Keep reading here..!!

  10. Oh! Nice composition.
    And the photo that you have used is quite interesting, even though I couldn't get the meaning of the image.

    1. Thank you Sourav :)
      The image used here symbolizes romantic brunch (with drinks etc)and of course the ambiance around it all culminating in that moment i've described in the poem..

  11. Wow, You captured the moment perfectly. Wish I could write as well as you :)

    From http://musings-over-nothing.blogspot.in/

    1. Thank You Gayathri :)
      M sure you can describe a moment very well, given it has the required impact..!
      I'll surely visit your blog and thank you once again :)

  12. Sakshi..If only I could write as beautifully as you do. Loved it, please keep them coming.

    1. Oh..Thank you..Thank you :):)
      Believe me, I wish more than anyone else that these words keep coming to me; I have no idea how and when they come to me..but yes, whenever they do, I put them here!!
      Thank you once again and keep reading here :)

  13. Wow..!!! well written.. :) I'm so freaking jealous..:(

    1. Hi Kavya

      Thank You :)
      and jealous? trust me, you don't want to be jealous ;)

      Thank You once again..keep reading here :)

  14. Nice composition...the opening lines were nothing but a spellbound for me too...feel as if there's nothing else except those eyes...!!!

    1. Thank You Anjan :)
      feels great that the poem could spellbind you :)
      Keep reading here!!

  15. Interesting twist in the end :)


  16. I loved the last line but the reference could have been different. Maybe something related to the sea...
    Overall, very well written. I saw the eyes of someone special within your written word, and THAT doesn't happen very often.
    To create imagery is the faculty of true poets alone!

    1. Hi Brendan..Thank you :)
      It feels great that such analysis of my poem has been done and that you could visualize the what I intended to describe in the poem..!!
      and ya I could have related it to sea but couldn't come up with any relation!!
      anyway..thank you :) and keep reading here on my blog!!