Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Found You..

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That one person, who you always find everywhere in everything somehow. You don't need to remember, you just know it.."Wish you were here.."

found my lover in everything

Amidst the unknown, in the new rains
With young clear drops falling on a smile
With wet colours on unfinished palette
In the creation that my fate, with my hands was designing
I found you; I sketched you

In the most soothing music, in my favourite line
For that melody in the tune that I hear on loop
In logic for all the facts and lies
that were told to me since I was a child
I found you; I heard you

I wove many stories in my mind
in my dreams day and night
with colourful sands of time
with shadows from past and neigh
There I found you; I created you

As I set my fingers on lows and highs
on white and black keys on piano of my life
With strings of lucidity and blurredness
As I gave my heart beats to the rhythm
I found you; I sang you

With yellow rays of hope and freshness,
with words of wisdom and foolishness
on the riverbed of mornings and evenings
on flowing pebbles and flowers
I found you, I drew your reflection

At a distance, as you flinched, in bright daylight
I cheated that moment and came close to you
I stole the light around to confine you to my sight
As the weight of the moment grew
to a place away, with you I flew
Where then I found you, I unravelled you

“As the dry air gets the scent of wet soil
I know it’s raining somewhere
Yet within me something as caught flare
Somewhere the sleepiness has awaken
to only lose consciousness again in your arms..”

A beautiful scenery was then conjured
But the morning has returned now
As I wear the faded fabric of that evening
I find you, I sense you
In old and new, I somehow always find you..

"Wish you were here.."..If you haven't listened to this song, you are missing out on one of the most beautiful songs that have ever been..

Sunday, July 7, 2013


disfigured by pride

I shooed the pride away
In silence it grew around my neck little by little
So, I curbed it by its neck
It ballooned out of my hand
I waited for it to explode
In silence I heard it roar
And I can’t hear me speak any more.

So, I started humming a tune
From a melodious to a high pitch one
I spoke expressions that gushed out of no one’s land
and wore colours that bloomed
out of the pond of self-conceitedness
Engaged to night in broad daylight
I stand still in front of a mirror
and all I see is a clueless veiled bride

So I take the jewels off my body
I rub the colours off my skin
till I feel the warmth of my own blood
And for a moment, for once, I feel near to me
drenched in the two red; one false and true
And as I look at my hands trying to identify
I realize the loss that I once used to dread

And when the swiveling group of pride stings me
I run to save myself on a road unknown
I know I’ll get lost, I know
I’m thinking of the place where I might land
If I could have my fears fanned
I would stand still and feel each sting
And in my ears, hear the pride ring
The lies it has got for me
I try to hear from distance the warning
Of the flying truth soon to be a bygone

So I close my eyes and I remember
a music that can still reach my ears,
A melody so pure that can meet,
the truth’s seat at a depth inside me,
in a well where both heaven and hell flow
A song that can melt my pride into tears
and smile, honey and brine
A tune that with affection can lift the veil
to smoothen my disfigured face

And I’m hearing it now
a harmony in the chaos
With a curtain that’s not low
I’m seeing clearly a dove
with which, to bliss a melancholy just rose
and a pride glowing with humility
Where’s the disfigured me?
All I now see is splendour
All I now hear is splendour..

image source: www.taschen.com