Saturday, March 7, 2015

The Balloon Man

“It’s useless to spree; you just think you’re free
In a balloon that carries you, you reach dormant heights
Where everyone sees you, But hey! You balloon man!
You think you can, but you can’t
Chase the free birds or touch the stars
Coz to the walls of the balloon
Limited is your wisdom sparse
 Of course you’re something shiny
Made of burlesque for bourgeoisie
But all you do is tinkle and remember not twinkle
Like the ones grounded but light with wisdom
The wisdom of who continue to shine
From beneath the crinkled
You don’t know them Balloon man
They obviously don’t fall in your circle
They are to whom glory doesn’t matter
Those fake cheers are nothing but titter tatter 
While you wicker away in that swollen balloon
Here love tenders, flowers and laughter bloom
Do you still think it was worth
to render such rendition worthless?
You lacked apathy and mocked people’s sagacity
You called it dull what was but only serenity 
Well I think you shot yourself dead, you braggart!
With that extra dose of adrenaline
It’s worse than jumping off the top of a building
Coz here you know and you have to wait
Till you reach the height when the balloon bursts
The same society that you once mocked
would pity you now, as you fall  back
And you thought the scene you would put on display
Would be the likes of that of a shooting star?
Well, you are nothing more than a faultily thrown falling dart.
I see Balloon Man; the world down here
Never looked glorious to you vainglorious
But you and we were the beauty
Those stars shone upon and viewed lovingly”
Well well, you conceited cynical societal pseudo-intellectual man!
Your life is nothing but greased with everything mundane
This life that you worship is a lie
and nothing more than a fleeting butterfly
You think it would remain for some time
But when did time become your ally
Your life is a balloon just like mine
It will crumble you before you die
You dream no more than to just live
But I had a dream and my balloon had it realized

I’m the balloon man who flew in the sky
And I’m sure the stars heard me laugh and cry
“What a flying beauty!” I heard them sigh
And as I fall, I don’t wait to die
I breathe in life more than you would ever
And it’s called undying spirit not some adrenaline rush
My heart is not heavy, but as light as that of a child
I’m the balloon man, I only rise!”

Monday, December 23, 2013

Cloud led-Big data or small data for SMEs in India?

SMEs, cloud computing, India

A guest post on 'The Cloud and The SMEs' by me, only on 'MyOperator'. And yes, it is not a poem or has any thing to do with romance ;) !!
Enjoy reading it @ Cloud led-Big data or small data for SMEs in India?

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Love Bitten..


It is because time and again I've expressed
That I am at loss now
with seemingly nothing to write for you
I love you in every metaphorical way
that I have kept forward
Every song that I've sung for you,
every poem & prose that I wrote for you
So what do I do now that suddenly there seems to be a dearth?

One word that has sat heavily on my floating mind
is that how lost my world would have been in your absence
And to my surprise, the best person I've met is a man
in you whom I met just few years back, and I wonder whence
did all this love emanate between us
Of course some time back I would have said
 that the love was always there within us
We just pierced each other to let it flow between us
But now I say, “you made me create it, we created it
in bright and dark, calm and passionate hues”

And I pick different pieces from the scattered world around
And it all gets metamorphosed into love for you
Everything from the basic to complicated,
violet to red and beyond
sketches you and me surviving winds,
drying in scorching heat,
getting wet in rains, twitching eyes in bright lights,
 kissing dark nights

You for no reason have fought with me, 
and so have I, a few times!!
You have left me innumerable times
 to come back to me in few numbers
But my heart runs towards you every time,
my mind dwells in your city
Of course it wears me out but despite of it, 
in front of you always, I try to stand pretty

You conjure the best dream for me,
and compose the sweetest song I can sing
You wouldn't ever leave me, would you?
I fear it some time
Without you outside, 
I would freeze inside to force life out
And you wouldn't leave me 
because your life would be dull
Without the solid colors I impart to the skin of your world
You wouldn't be able to sail around
 without the strong hull
Made of my world, and of course 
how would you spread your wings
and fly the long distances in the free perilous skies
without the companionship that I bring?

So now I state and not  just wish
Because I know that the movie we are part of has no meaning
if it doesn't end with us, it simply won’t make any sense
The tears and the violent seas
that I've swam across would be grieving
for troubling me for no reason,
for challenging me for nothing
So my love, don’t worry, and never panic
As I’m always with you as you will be with me
Never feel confined in the intricate world within and outside you
As I propel the fresh and old, calm and violent sea
 to float on the periphery
So that you can sit and relax, live and bask
under the distant yellow sun, lying of course next to me!!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Now you see It..

They are coming, they are nigh
They are coming, they have weighed
Your life then and now
With and without hope, sweet and sour
You remain still; your eyes do not blink
You think, may be, this is the time
You think, maybe there will be no more commas

They are coming, they are faintly saying
You see a lucid passage into the sky
Your numb feet are floating,
you don’t need now concrete to walk on
And you smile that you are no more stumbling
The religiously worn black threads around your ankles get untied
You think, maybe there will be no more fear of injury

They are coming, they are singing
And you hear your songs all being played
You seem to disintegrate with the music or the other way
And it all stays; it seems eternal
Tears of redemption flow from your eyes
What more could you have asked for, you think
You’re drinking heaven; you’re hearing heaven
Now that you have contained it
You think, may be you are bigger than heaven

They are coming, they are preaching
And your knowledge seems to surpass your imagination
All that you learned in your life was full of pure wisdom
The richness of your mind, you easily underestimated
Yet you remained under the illusion
that you were not blessed
and now as you feel connected to other souls
You realize the false truth that you were never loved

They are disappearing and so are you now
A strange cloud spreads inside you somehow
You cry and laugh from the past
till you are filled with both
till both life and death contains you
till you see the one, the one you loved the most

Your life then becomes only that one moment
when with him you had become one
For a moment you want to live that moment again
You want to rewind and live life with him again
But before other memories
start clinging to that one moment
you expand into the space around you
till your love, your life fills the whole
till you neither have to dispense or draw on any dole
till the canvass that you had painted with colors of verity and faults
hangs in front of you, plain white ethereal unrolled
till everything in the end sums to zero

It's a poem written from a perspective of a person experiencing death..

Our life dreams the Utopia.
                                          Our Death achieves the ideal..
                                                                                 - Victor Hugo

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Found You..

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Spicy Saturday Picks by Blogadda.

That one person, who you always find everywhere in everything somehow. You don't need to remember, you just know it.."Wish you were here.."

found my lover in everything

Amidst the unknown, in the new rains
With young clear drops falling on a smile
With wet colours on unfinished palette
In the creation that my fate, with my hands was designing
I found you; I sketched you

In the most soothing music, in my favourite line
For that melody in the tune that I hear on loop
In logic for all the facts and lies
that were told to me since I was a child
I found you; I heard you

I wove many stories in my mind
in my dreams day and night
with colourful sands of time
with shadows from past and neigh
There I found you; I created you

As I set my fingers on lows and highs
on white and black keys on piano of my life
With strings of lucidity and blurredness
As I gave my heart beats to the rhythm
I found you; I sang you

With yellow rays of hope and freshness,
with words of wisdom and foolishness
on the riverbed of mornings and evenings
on flowing pebbles and flowers
I found you, I drew your reflection

At a distance, as you flinched, in bright daylight
I cheated that moment and came close to you
I stole the light around to confine you to my sight
As the weight of the moment grew
to a place away, with you I flew
Where then I found you, I unravelled you

“As the dry air gets the scent of wet soil
I know it’s raining somewhere
Yet within me something as caught flare
Somewhere the sleepiness has awaken
to only lose consciousness again in your arms..”

A beautiful scenery was then conjured
But the morning has returned now
As I wear the faded fabric of that evening
I find you, I sense you
In old and new, I somehow always find you..

"Wish you were here.."..If you haven't listened to this song, you are missing out on one of the most beautiful songs that have ever been..

Sunday, July 7, 2013


disfigured by pride

I shooed the pride away
In silence it grew around my neck little by little
So, I curbed it by its neck
It ballooned out of my hand
I waited for it to explode
In silence I heard it roar
And I can’t hear me speak any more.

So, I started humming a tune
From a melodious to a high pitch one
I spoke expressions that gushed out of no one’s land
and wore colours that bloomed
out of the pond of self-conceitedness
Engaged to night in broad daylight
I stand still in front of a mirror
and all I see is a clueless veiled bride

So I take the jewels off my body
I rub the colours off my skin
till I feel the warmth of my own blood
And for a moment, for once, I feel near to me
drenched in the two red; one false and true
And as I look at my hands trying to identify
I realize the loss that I once used to dread

And when the swiveling group of pride stings me
I run to save myself on a road unknown
I know I’ll get lost, I know
I’m thinking of the place where I might land
If I could have my fears fanned
I would stand still and feel each sting
And in my ears, hear the pride ring
The lies it has got for me
I try to hear from distance the warning
Of the flying truth soon to be a bygone

So I close my eyes and I remember
a music that can still reach my ears,
A melody so pure that can meet,
the truth’s seat at a depth inside me,
in a well where both heaven and hell flow
A song that can melt my pride into tears
and smile, honey and brine
A tune that with affection can lift the veil
to smoothen my disfigured face

And I’m hearing it now
a harmony in the chaos
With a curtain that’s not low
I’m seeing clearly a dove
with which, to bliss a melancholy just rose
and a pride glowing with humility
Where’s the disfigured me?
All I now see is splendour
All I now hear is splendour..

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Tuesday, April 30, 2013


those moments of love

How can it be? It's just a brunch!
Yet you sit here spellbinding me..
And nobody is watching, except for your eyes
And your sight fills the room
The music that’s playing melts in this moment
And I realize my eyes are not dry..

They say something beautiful, your eyes
Like a lovely song in a language I can’t understand
The music of which only I comprehend
And I don’t wish to memorize the tune
But just the bliss to stay and linger around
In this moment untouched by the world outside
So I beg to borrow some time from all the time I have
to defer the next second not containing this moment
But this moment is so strong and yet light
Like a dove set to take its flight
How do I keep it till this song ends
till your eyes leave mine?

We do the talking through the curves on our face
We walk the lanes of the memories that have just flashed
Only if I could praise; and if at all I could praise
The beauty of what we are going through now, this day
I would write forever and still remain unsated
And to understand the depth of this moment
I will have to seed it in all my dreams

We remain seated next to each other
And I feel as safe as if I were in your arms
We don’t move as if happily paralyzed
Yet I’m living a thousand lives
I don’t know, how you feel and if you understand
But all that your eyes contrive
Is like a dreamy place in a mist
Where I wish to remain endlessly

But you don’t understand
And I would know, if you did
The mirage that your eyes have created
Will do no good to me afterwards, amidst those sands
Tell me if this music will flow
Or is it just a fantasy that I plough?

Saturday, March 30, 2013


We talked, and more often we use to have arguments, unending discussions which used to exhaust our energies but not the content and thoughts fueling our mind. We wrote too, on Microsoft word, on our own tangible old buddy-paper, in diaries and at times we scribbled too on bare walls of our hostel rooms.
Well I’m talking about one of my dearest friends-Pooja Joshi (if I were putting it on facebook, I would have tagged you Pooja!!) whom I recently asked to write a guest post for my blog. And just as I had expected, she came up with a beautiful piece I can decorate my blog with. And here I’m sharing it with you guys.

rush in life
    "Inspired by Each thing I do I rush through so I can do/ something else" - Stephen Dobyns

If I had a single moment to myself each day,
That day would be filled with pain again-
For in that moment I would unquestionably find
That what I'd become is not how I'd begun.

If I had a single chance to take,
That instance would be filled with doubt again-
For in that chance I would not rely,
This what I wanted is not what I need.

If I had a single fibre of courage bestowed,
That strength would slowly waste away
And to that strength I would not hold
For tears taste better to a hopeless soul.

If I had a single hand to hold-
That gesture would be frowned upon,
For in that hand is a touch of kindness-
That guilt would be my ultimate withdrawal.

If I was asked to make a single wish,
That dream I'd seen open eyes would revive,
And in that dream I would want to reside-
For what I rush through is just life.

So don't give me a moment, a chance or courage
Don't lend me a hand or ask for my wish
I don't want to cherish what I can't nourish
I just want to rush through this life.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013


a poem on detachment

If I could fly, if I could fly
Would you spare me the ground, would you?
If I could wish, if I could wish
Would you spare me the truth?
And if I could compose music
Would you spare me the audience?
You see, I don’t know, who you are
But would you spare me the mirror?

And why are you standing here by me
when my world won’t even accommodate your shadow?
And why do you even listen to me,
the words between us would be lost
If there’s a speck of light in this time
let it be suspended here in this frost
for these moments to be warm in our memories
If I could leave, if I could leave
Would you spare me the memories?

These skies offer us nothing
no boundaries between the tenses, past and present, present and future
Yet we look above as if something’s there to look after us
And you wait here in the yellows and oranges of heat and rain
Our dampened feet would just stay in the pool of rain
Tomorrow our feet would dry but the pool would remain
If I could run away, if I could run away
Would you spare me the chase?

I wear a crown of broken thoughts studded with twigs of freedom
And the twin wings of light and dark carry me under the skies
Yet you try to join and understand the broken
The red edges of disjoint thoughts have bled
These stains won’t leave your fingers then
My impression on your world would leave an empty dent
You have already carried yourself too far, all along
If I could hurt myself, if I could hurt myself
Would you spare me the healing?

So offer me an escape, you can’t catch up with me
Let the words and music stay at their own place
Those are not to be carried around; you will lose them and the pace
You would land nowhere and they would offer you no solace
Coz tomorrow is yet to come and you don’t know
The music it would play for you
The words that would splash on the glass of that time
That other pair of feet that would stay in the pool
So buy the space for your future now
Don’t get carried away, the present always decays
What remains belongs to no tense
So If I could stay, if I could stay
Would you spare yourself my company?

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Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Guest post from Glad2bawoman: Conversation With Myself

This is a guest post from glad2bawoman, a website that specially celebrates the success and freedom of women. With various articles written from the women's perspective and by women, this is surely a step towards furthering the liberation of women in today's era. The following is a poem that captures the transient phase in a journey of a woman and how she is dealing with it by having a conversation with herself. 

"In moments of solitude and even amidst crowd,
I’ve often talked to myself out loud,
And wondered about the myriad things,
The moony tinges and gossamer wings,
Why do I smile smiles that hide a pang of pain,
Why do we calculate life in terms of loss and gain?
Why is freedom reduced to simply a term?
And we live a life, enslaved, worse than a worm.
I stand solitary in this journey, stranded and cold,
No heart to comfort me, no arms to hold,
Walking through this maze, I might find myself,
I’m melting away to oblivion, like the candle-flame,
Dusty and defeated, I lost in this vicious game,
My cries break the dead silence, yet heard by none.
The void within cries out in agony - all said and done.
All that is pent-up within, I want to shout out to the skies,
But sinister shadows choke my voice with lies.
How long shall I walk on, tired and numb, I know not,
The vast unknown lies ahead, yet nothingness is all I’ve got."

For more on Glad2baWoman, visit