Tuesday, June 12, 2012

It's always about YOU..

“Go away..”, I say, to these times that are prevailing
the state of us being together, that these days are curtailing
I say it helplessly to the time, to the eternity
As against the currents and winds, my happiness is sailing
It is then when I give up to the belligerent winds
That you fill my heart and bones and make me sing
The complex tune of honey & brine, flowers & butterflies, death & life, good times & these times……

And So, You become the cutting contrast
That brings out the stark difference between the white & black, the happy & sad
You’re the silver lining between this land & the blue grey sky
You’re the one that makes me want to live even beyond this life
Tell me how do you cut me so softly into a lovable one?
How do you manage to bring peace in this wild town of my mind that burns?
But then as you control the fire, you deluge me as your thoughts  flood my mind
and then I remember your touch as your skin against mine rubs,
only if I could contain you all this while
only if I could be with you, all day and night…

You perhaps don’t even know as certain facts evade my understanding too
That how you’ve taken over all the aspects of my relations in this world that exist
You’re my friend and my competitor,
You’re my student and my teacher
You’re my guide and my lover
You’re my veil and my mirror
Your absence becomes poison, and your presence an elixir……
But then somehow even without the explanation, I’m more happy than bewildered!

So as this moment gains the weight and I feel sinking deep down the water
I remember those moments that we had spent together when the days were brighter
I close my eyes and I enter the gates of my parallel universe
Where you’re there with me before and after the dinners
And then your weight on me lifts all the burden
your eyes strike me every time like bullets from gun
they pierce me and the pain inside me gushes out
you make me as white and calm as a white flower
Tell me, how do you do it with such ease and indomitable power?

But then I wake up as the ‘present tense’ orders me to, of which I’ve to be a minion
I see the fresh flowers of  our yesterdays that were once bestowed upon us
now lay on the ground, dried; at times I feel they are in complete oblivion
and then you ask me to clean it up and that it’s such a mess
I pick a flower and preserve it in a book, as those days’ dried yet redolent reminiscence………..

 I take a walk down some street alone..
Abandoning those lanes on which our shadows together once strolled
But then I reach one of the crossroads where our lives intertwine
So as I meet you, you show me your book, looking at which my heart smiles
You too have kept some of those flowers and as the rest lay fresh in your heart
I promise you that I’ll never let those flowers dry
I’ll bestow them with all the required ingredients to nourish them
And In this garden of your heart I’ll grow other colors too
All you have to do is, in my heart, keep pumping this life
As I’m from You, since I started the walk in search of You…

Image source: http://www.behance.net/gallery/Its-Always-about-You/785280