Saturday, November 30, 2013

Love Bitten..


It is because time and again I've expressed
That I am at loss now
with seemingly nothing to write for you
I love you in every metaphorical way
that I have kept forward
Every song that I've sung for you,
every poem & prose that I wrote for you
So what do I do now that suddenly there seems to be a dearth?

One word that has sat heavily on my floating mind
is that how lost my world would have been in your absence
And to my surprise, the best person I've met is a man
in you whom I met just few years back, and I wonder whence
did all this love emanate between us
Of course some time back I would have said
 that the love was always there within us
We just pierced each other to let it flow between us
But now I say, “you made me create it, we created it
in bright and dark, calm and passionate hues”

And I pick different pieces from the scattered world around
And it all gets metamorphosed into love for you
Everything from the basic to complicated,
violet to red and beyond
sketches you and me surviving winds,
drying in scorching heat,
getting wet in rains, twitching eyes in bright lights,
 kissing dark nights

You for no reason have fought with me, 
and so have I, a few times!!
You have left me innumerable times
 to come back to me in few numbers
But my heart runs towards you every time,
my mind dwells in your city
Of course it wears me out but despite of it, 
in front of you always, I try to stand pretty

You conjure the best dream for me,
and compose the sweetest song I can sing
You wouldn't ever leave me, would you?
I fear it some time
Without you outside, 
I would freeze inside to force life out
And you wouldn't leave me 
because your life would be dull
Without the solid colors I impart to the skin of your world
You wouldn't be able to sail around
 without the strong hull
Made of my world, and of course 
how would you spread your wings
and fly the long distances in the free perilous skies
without the companionship that I bring?

So now I state and not  just wish
Because I know that the movie we are part of has no meaning
if it doesn't end with us, it simply won’t make any sense
The tears and the violent seas
that I've swam across would be grieving
for troubling me for no reason,
for challenging me for nothing
So my love, don’t worry, and never panic
As I’m always with you as you will be with me
Never feel confined in the intricate world within and outside you
As I propel the fresh and old, calm and violent sea
 to float on the periphery
So that you can sit and relax, live and bask
under the distant yellow sun, lying of course next to me!!