Saturday, March 30, 2013


We talked, and more often we use to have arguments, unending discussions which used to exhaust our energies but not the content and thoughts fueling our mind. We wrote too, on Microsoft word, on our own tangible old buddy-paper, in diaries and at times we scribbled too on bare walls of our hostel rooms.
Well I’m talking about one of my dearest friends-Pooja Joshi (if I were putting it on facebook, I would have tagged you Pooja!!) whom I recently asked to write a guest post for my blog. And just as I had expected, she came up with a beautiful piece I can decorate my blog with. And here I’m sharing it with you guys.

rush in life
    "Inspired by Each thing I do I rush through so I can do/ something else" - Stephen Dobyns

If I had a single moment to myself each day,
That day would be filled with pain again-
For in that moment I would unquestionably find
That what I'd become is not how I'd begun.

If I had a single chance to take,
That instance would be filled with doubt again-
For in that chance I would not rely,
This what I wanted is not what I need.

If I had a single fibre of courage bestowed,
That strength would slowly waste away
And to that strength I would not hold
For tears taste better to a hopeless soul.

If I had a single hand to hold-
That gesture would be frowned upon,
For in that hand is a touch of kindness-
That guilt would be my ultimate withdrawal.

If I was asked to make a single wish,
That dream I'd seen open eyes would revive,
And in that dream I would want to reside-
For what I rush through is just life.

So don't give me a moment, a chance or courage
Don't lend me a hand or ask for my wish
I don't want to cherish what I can't nourish
I just want to rush through this life.

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