Monday, September 16, 2013

Now you see It..

They are coming, they are nigh
They are coming, they have weighed
Your life then and now
With and without hope, sweet and sour
You remain still; your eyes do not blink
You think, may be, this is the time
You think, maybe there will be no more commas

They are coming, they are faintly saying
You see a lucid passage into the sky
Your numb feet are floating,
you don’t need now concrete to walk on
And you smile that you are no more stumbling
The religiously worn black threads around your ankles get untied
You think, maybe there will be no more fear of injury

They are coming, they are singing
And you hear your songs all being played
You seem to disintegrate with the music or the other way
And it all stays; it seems eternal
Tears of redemption flow from your eyes
What more could you have asked for, you think
You’re drinking heaven; you’re hearing heaven
Now that you have contained it
You think, may be you are bigger than heaven

They are coming, they are preaching
And your knowledge seems to surpass your imagination
All that you learned in your life was full of pure wisdom
The richness of your mind, you easily underestimated
Yet you remained under the illusion
that you were not blessed
and now as you feel connected to other souls
You realize the false truth that you were never loved

They are disappearing and so are you now
A strange cloud spreads inside you somehow
You cry and laugh from the past
till you are filled with both
till both life and death contains you
till you see the one, the one you loved the most

Your life then becomes only that one moment
when with him you had become one
For a moment you want to live that moment again
You want to rewind and live life with him again
But before other memories
start clinging to that one moment
you expand into the space around you
till your love, your life fills the whole
till you neither have to dispense or draw on any dole
till the canvass that you had painted with colors of verity and faults
hangs in front of you, plain white ethereal unrolled
till everything in the end sums to zero

It's a poem written from a perspective of a person experiencing death..

Our life dreams the Utopia.
                                          Our Death achieves the ideal..
                                                                                 - Victor Hugo