Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Embrace

“Show it some mercy, it’s burning in flames
The skin of all hopes is melting;
tell me out of this what do you gain?
Shower it with some relief; it’s scorching under the sun
The soothing peach color has turned into brownish red
Tell me how do you plan to resist your misdeeds’ brunt?
Oh well yes, I’m, talking about myself in third person
That’s because you seem to have some grudge against me for some reason!!”

You see, for an artist, stage is a temple, and performance worship
So this pain that I have been talking to, who has got the stage, does not leave
And I tell it that it has to go away
And I have tried to convey the message, but it simply pays no heed
Yes, it swirls around my bed across the hall of nothing
And the dryness in my eyes
tries to sip its beauty and wrath
The tears entering in my ears cheer its performance
But the curtains have to be drawn, and as I doze
This pain, not giving up, then sits next to me, and waits, swinging to and fro….

I do get some relief while I sleep
And I wish the consciousness won’t greet me again
But I guess even if all the wishes would wish for the same
I would still be made to open the door to the pain
And with a smile on my face
To respect the piece of art that pain puts up with such grace

So I decide, why should I fear the fate
Instead I should join the beauty that has come to my gate
and be the excited audience it deserves to have
So with pricked ankles and bare face
And non fancy fabric in which I’m draped
I give it a standing ovation and clap
As if I were standing in the meadows amidst the colors
that are waiting to be refilled, to be shaded darker
Finally overwhelmed by the response, it embraces me with grief
But my suffering then escalates, after all this is the closest I’ve got with the pain

But then satiated with the response, for a while it takes a break
and the needles are plucked out of my veins
I then bid it a good bye with a sad rendition
It leaves but with a bonding condition
That I shall always cheer for every beauty that I come across
I say ‘yes’, immediately, although with the premonition
That it will be back for the greed of applause
Or perhaps, my pessimism is ballooned
and optimism simply pricked and flawed..!!

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