Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Coming Back to Life

 “Now you will ask, when did I die
      But let me tell you, let me first clarify
        I die many mornings and many nights
         And even my salvation was at times nigh
          But something pulls me back every time
           And through different tunnels of darkness and light
             I find myself coming back to life……………”

So what is it that pulls us towards life? What is it that pulls creation after every destruction? Why is it that humans surpass all sorts of disasters only to enter another ephemeral civilization?

I think the culprit here is hope. Hope of coming back onto the right track of life. If that is the case, then most of us spend all our lives off-tracks. And all of us know that. Then why should we hope and what should we hope for?
Nevertheless, we mortals plan and hope as if we were immortals. And may be we are in a way!!
Because I think we live hundreds of lives and try to realize thousands of dreams, all in one life!

There are magnets that pull us to this preconceived notion of living.
We return to our fixed templates of life in hope of experiencing things in a different range of spectrum. Many times we do experience them. At times we just fail to perceive them in right time. And in other times, we take the shelter of our favorite pass-times. Well mine is listening to music among other things, as it gives me different platforms to construct new buildings of emotions, of euphoria. And every time I listen to my kind of music, I face a conundrum that whether I’m coming back to life or receding away from it.

Pink Floyd is among my favorite bands. They are the Gods of music. Only if I could know where that celestial music and earthly lyrics emanated from.
Yesterday only, when I was completely disillusioned, disconnected, and dispassionate (that happens sometimes), to cut off further from the rest of my atmosphere, I put earphones and started listening to one of their songs- Coming back to life. And the magnetic pull began.

I then listened to  ‘Green is the color’, ‘Take it back and it went on till 3 am. And I realized that this is one of those intangible magnets that draw such irresistible pull that I was talking about. I was once again on a ride. I was ambitious and full of High Hopes and then again became Comfortably Numb. Only to swing back on the strings of Wish you were here.

"And I wanted to pen down all that I felt,
   but found myself Lost for Words, then..
    Still I haggled my heart to get a bargain
     for words that could reflect the emotion that I otherwise restrained
      to rescue my passion incarcerated
       which usually, on daily humdrum, is pivoted
         to make it dip in the waters of freedom
          and then glide freely across the skies of rhythm
           into the universe constructed by the hallowed Pink Floyd
            Shine on, always, you crazy diamond..."

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