Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Living on the Crossroads of Time Travel

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“I saw a feather so light, away from its source, god knows for how long did it fly,
I stretched my arm to its full length and it came to rest on my palm, peacefully there it lied,
For a moment it kept still, till it wandered away outside the window leaving my hand empty,
and me with just a melancholy sigh…………………………………”

Sincerely speaking, I abstain from all bad habits…..but one… big one….and that is demoralising myself

Have you ever felt the balloning tranquility fill in yourself so completely that would simply make you fly into the transcendence? Have you felt your psyche so light, not from the burdens, but from the uncertainties; not from the failures, but from the fear of the failures; not because it weighs nothing, but because you don’t tense your muscles to hold it back?

Have you ever looked around and felt petrified when met with the few glaringly hideous images of lives of those little children at traffic signals, who have got nothing to lose and got nothing to live with, not even hope.
We move on, but where do they go?

So what do I demoralise myself with? Well, I do it with the concealed probable mishappenings that might take in my future; ie, sequestering from my loved ones and not making a success in my professional life. Uptill now it was my past that used to shadow me, so if I allow the future to further blur me then all that will be left with me will be darkness and I won’t reach anywhere but just stumbling upon anything with no light greeting me or guiding me.

Our lives are never immaculately blissful but we’ve enough to be happy and at times we’re really happy….aren’t we?..
But we do allow the time travelling of worries from the future and the past to meet us on the crossroads of our present more than often at various stops of our lives. And above all, we are always ready to arrange the rendezvous with them…. aren’t we?
"And to live on the crossroads, 
is more dangerous than children living on the side of the roads...
the crossroads of time travelling of fears in hurly burly
of our worries so surly…!!

So as I get up soaked in the fresh morning light
I race with it once again, to reach the night
In between, in the evening, when the light rejuvenates with rains
I too take a break and sip coffee for a while in return of alms
And when it seems that the light is too fast to compete with
I pray god to give me the strength to break free
Of the burden, of the meetings with my qualms
I cancel them all, piercing the clouds hovering around me, with my might
I then, start to fly high on the wings of the light….”


  1. Short and sweet..and yet intensely thoughtful!:)

  2. @sharad:thnk u :)
    ....and yes keep reading like this..!!!!

  3. My Perspective:

    The reality around us is just a mere interpretation of our brain.....
    its affect on our intellect is purely relative to origin of it....
    But in the circle of life we concentrate too much on the outside and not reach the depth....

    Few people try to do that and really find true meaning of life... I guess you are one of them.

  4. @utkarsh: you're absolutely is not just what we perceive, but also the way we perceive things...:)

  5. That was an intense one :)
    nice selection of words.. kudos

  6. Absolutely amazing. Good writing.

  7. Good one!! But its the crossroads in life that make us mature to take the bigger decisions in life!

  8. Yup..these are those unique crossroads..!!
    Thank you..really glad you liked the post :)
    keep reading :)