Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The World of Reflectors

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Nowadays , many companies adopt the idea of hiring employees under a certain bond wherein if the employees leave while under the bond, are enforced to pay the bond amount by the company. I know, you guys know all that; there’s nothing new about it. I was in fact, some time back, working in a company under a bond. And of course after being acknowledged with the bond deal, the peripatetic mind of mine started exploring new areas then, in order to establish new settlements of thoughts and ideas…
“What if I die before time during the bond period………..
 What the company would do then??...
 How would it affect it…??”
Not that I was some sort of an indispensable possession for the company, it was just that, this thought came to me after I went through various explanations as to why a company makes her employees sign bonds.

And then the nomad in my head went ahead in order to reach something stupendous.
And a loop of an array of axiomatic facts started running. I once again came across a fact known to me ab ovo that NOTHING IS CERTAIN….These three words stood, tall, dark and firm, stealing the shadow from the sun, in front of me. What followed was an insurrection of the world of reflectors….
What is it that you staunchly believe in?
Is it you yourself or something that you  have never seen?
Do you believe in idol worship?
it is a polemical topic indeed…!!

I consider this world  to be full of reflectors and one ultimate source of energy. I believe that whatever we believe in gets stregthened with our faith. Whether we consider Shiva as our god or Jesus as the son of god, the fact is we have not seen them and that we derive strength from them by having faith in them. In fact, it’s a reversible reaction. Not just we, but the idols themselves seek strength from our devotion. And it’s more than just a self fulfilling prophecy…!!
We empower our idols by showering faith on them. And where does that faith come from?..Something or someone must have reflected it on us. It’s upon us whether we derive it or not!!

Those who are atheists could derive strength from a person or any other tangible or intangible entity. When one is in a relationship, one derives the strength from the person he or she loves. We all reflect an assortment of emotions to people around us. We derive confidence from different things and then reflect them onto somebody else!!

We talk about steep inflation, economic meltdown, recession and the list of unanticipated perturbing stuff goes on. We talk about end of the world and create a brouhaha and then we get indifferent towards it. And this apathy we then reflect around us. Well we say that there is a surging wave of a cause celebre cutting through the city because we ourselves help that wave spread across the whole place.
We move around with the reflectors.

We’re always able to see the reflection of any kind of maelstrom or harmony that resides within us, in our outer world. That’s why the pithy, The best way to cheer yourself up is to try to cheer somebody else up.....-Mark Twain

I can find immense joy on seeing a few rain drops splashing on a leaf which collects the drops in its palm just like we do by stretching out our arms out in the rain. I can also feel all desolated and gloomy looking at the rain by personifying the crying sky!!
This is because I see the reflection of  those soft emotions in this carapace like world. We all do that.
I still try to hold on to my beliefs with all of my strength. Some of my beliefs are a priori and those which do not have firm grounds are provided with one, which is again my faith. And I’ll defy them ad infinitum………..



  1. I like your thought process. It flows a bit like mine does. Starting with obvious things and connecting it to smthng completely different

    I loved this


    1. you identified the right pattern..!!
      am glad you liked the post :)
      will visit your blog too shortly..!!

  2. Wow! That was deep Sakshi. A fast read. Like to see more 'reflections' from your blog in the coming days!

  3. And I thought I was the only deep thinker around!
    Nice post once again :)

  4. The best way to cheer yourself up is to try to cheer somebody else up.....-Mark Twain

    Wow, I agree :)

  5. Landed through indiblogger.. and happy that i did.. i seem to have one more fine writer in my reading list now :)

    1. PS: Shubham here :)

  6. wow loved your thought process ... and the way you jumped from one thought to another ...I just followed you :)