Thursday, April 5, 2012

Stirring The Wonderful

At the behest of my own knowledge
I consider myself and you as one
But Oh Dear! Do I have to take any pledge
before I profess such statement?
Anyhow, I think I still craze
for those moments that passed by
without our permission they crossed
the territories of our then present..
Tell me, tell me please
Can we ever retrieve them?

And even though we compose new music now
You see I have my favorites that I want to rewind
And those templates of the past that once menaced
I wish I could play with them once again this time
And those street lights that behind us flashed once
the darkest phase of our lives had lit when
And that light music that played in our loud heart beats’ presence
Yes I remember that time that left such deep dent
I don’t want to get it repaired and cherish it instead!

Only if I could get into the memories in my head for real
I would sneak into that world and get it sealed
But tell me if you would accompany me in this endeavor
because without you every world is rendered
colorless whether real or fiction..
Will you sip the drink of magic
that I will create for us to enter our dreams
or are we expected to stay lethargic?
and just miss helplessly those moments that still gleam..
I also wish I could somehow get
new lyrics for the old times, the music that we once played
and fresh dialogues and gestures to recreate
some moments that we didn’t live to the fullest..

But why should I mull over the bygones
when distance has followed our decision
of staying away from each other?
In such case, how shall we ever
expect to do the justice to our past?
May be we should just move forward
with a bag of things we managed to escape which
otherwise would have left us in the endless stream of spent years

Eight pairs of 3D glasses, that parking lot and bus tickets
the expired Barista cards, the ring made instantly out of the grass
flower petals, a black cap, and defunct earphones,
the tissue paper on which we played the game of criss-cross
and other remnants of that glorious time
I carry them all with me stirring the wonderful in my mind
and with them I make this dim conduit of your absence a little bright..


  1. Amazing :) Jaw dropping to be precise. Loved it! :D Colorless whether real or fiction
    Will you sip the drink of magic
    That I will create for us to enter our dreams". Love these lines :D :D
    Would love to read more! :D

    1. hey..thanks for dropping by my blog..feels nice that you liked actually shows that you could relate with this read other blog posts here..
      Would love to write more :)

  2. Beautifully written :). Especially loved the first para phrase :)

    1. Hi Neha..thank you..keep visiting the blog :)

  3. The best comes in the end. It's another thing that only we understand that!:) It's beautiful like all of them!:)!

    1. Finally..The most awaited comment has bestowed its presence on this particular blog post after a lot of beseeching..Thank You

  4. You're welcome! You know, I'm like the antonym of poetry, social and artsy stuff. I usually don't follow blogs (sometimes I do sneak a peek at the writings of some of the people I know) but I just had to read the first para and couldn't stop. This one really managed to touch a wire (it probably melted) in my mechanical heart. :-)

    BTW, How are you doing? Work, life etc...

    And Sharad sir, what about you?

  5. hi Rohan..Thank u for the lovely comment..I'm glad that it touched the wire :)
    n I'm fine, n so is Sharad..he is doing MBA from MICA..
    Thanks for dropping by my blog..keep reading:)