Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Love is Petering Out…...Really??

All the couples muddling through long distance relationships wouldn’t have had mustered the nerve to sail through the windy sea of The Relationship in the absence of mobile phones, telephones, internet and other telecommunication and transport facilities. OR would they have still gone for it?

Frankly speaking, I don’t know. Nowadays relationships fail to hark back to the antediluvian times when none of the above mentioned facilities existed. In today’s world, we need the constant regular feed ( the facilities) to poke the fire and keep it kindling. Am I mistaken here? Shouldn’t the only feed required be love and the above mentioned facilities be mere (though nowadays important) catalysts?
It would have been such a marvelous thing called ‘Love’ in those days when the Love was both ‘The Entity’ and ‘The Mediator’ within the two and between the two.!!

Are gone those days when there was pillar-strong connection between the two despite the absence of any putative mode of connectivity? Can such love subsist in today’s world? Has the growing connectivity today, actually rendered the strength of love as relatively lilliputian?

But then in the realms of all these questions, rises another one that changes the cusp of the previous questions. What was Love then, in those times? With the distance and no connectivity, how did they care for each other and where was the sharing?

For me love is too mammoth like to be defined or seen in its de facto figure. But there’s one aspect that I vehemently believe in and that is sharing.
I fail to discern that how can love last in the absence of sharing. But then, the fact is that it used to exist then. How and in what form it used to exist is a mystery that still evades me. 
Today, even in the times of multiple networks, love fails to get connected between the two. It definitely needs more than just technology & gizmos. It needs love..

Nevertheless I believe that love should be like a river with continuous flow. The moment it behaves in an ebb and flow manner, it can cease to flow altogether at any time later.
So once it is ignited, pull out all the stops to keep fueling it even while the most dire circumstances and also never abandon it even when prices of the fuels go high!!
                                                          After all for all those who seek love, it’s the raison d'être…!!!

At least I believe love is still there with its intact core nature. I guess, it’s just the times that have changed..or else people would have ceased to seek ‘the Love’…And So,
 It made her touch the sky and fillip the clouds
To hark him against the sweltering summer..
And to meet him she rowed across the river
Even in the cold nights as she shivered
It made her do everything
while doing which earlier she would have quivered
She went against the tide
Her spirits were not dampened nor dithered
But then the angry rains swelled the river
And every second, her life, her love seemed to sink deeper
Her eyes were getting closed, with petering out glimmer
Her heart was cold, with hopes getting dimmer

......But then the sun shone and the clouds disappeared
She was there on the shore and even He was there
After all He too had taken the same route to meet her.........!!

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  1. beautiful thoughts... and amazing poem!! Advanced technology might have increased connectivity... but if love is not pure, connectivity hardly matters...

  2. @Radhika: rightly understood and succinctly said by you :)

  3. I actually think d same n fully agree wid u.......
    and m keen to know d answer to the questions dat u raised in d above post...

  4. @swati: I'm as keen as you..if only could sum1 answer them all!

  5. the poem u wrote is amazing.. totally impressed by the way u described it.. all i can say is ... nice observation about relationships:)

  6. love is but an emotion and like any other it needs fodder to feed on. Distance is a scary thought in a relationship but it can exist even mentally and that hurts more than the physical distance

  7. @Shivani: yes mental distance is the actual distance that creates the rift..but then physical distance should not be the reason for the creation of mental distance..and that's what I've captured here in the post...that in the old days even the physical distance failed to create the mental distance unlike in today's times!!

  8. Nice thoughts you have captured in the post. I always talk to my friends about the generation born in 90s being able to appreciate how things were back then. I will share my experience - My love life started at the cusp of all these changes. So, I have written letters, exchanged greeting cards, travelled far to just to catch a glimpse and later used emails and mobile phones to hilt. Trust me, when I look back at a physical letter and an email now, the email fails to evoke the same emotions as the letter.

    Anyway, I really believe if you are not truly connected and committed, no matter how many facilities you use, the love will peter out. Out of sight is out of the mind is the counter principle governing long distance relationships. So, I agree with you that methods might have changed, end result is the same - Love.

    1. Oh..what a lovely comment..and I'm sure that experience would have been great, as there's nothing more satisfying and elating as doing things for the one you love..things have become easier today and perhaps that's why we fail to identify the true worth and love.

      thank you for stopping by..keep visiting :)

  9. Very well written. Love cannot be dettered when you put love first and others next.
    When you respect and love the other person, love will stand...



    1. Very true..Thank you:)
      Will visit your blog!!

  10. If there is mutual trust - distance will not matter. It is all about belief and trust - no matter how far we are from our loved ones, as long as there is trust between each other, love will always remain strong. :-)

    In letters we could express our love, experience that intense anticipation for reply - but with cell phones people want to know more about what their partners are doing, where they are, with whom they are - rather than how happy they are......

    Thing is only through distance we can experience true love..........hmmmm familiarity breeds contempt ;-)

    Again, I am 'amazed' by your poem! :-)

    1. I completely agree with this line, "but with cell phones people want to know more about what their partners are doing, where they are, with whom they are - rather than how happy they are......"
      and mutual trust takes time, lot of time, I guess..and to have it right in the beginning years baffles me..
      and again, I'm glad you liked the poem :)
      Thank You once again :)
      keep reading..!!