Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Brook of Paroxysm..

SO, It tickles in your stomach
It can happen to either a genteel or a pervert…
You try hard to get your lips together
But your teeth show in full glory irrespective of their color
Your mouth seems to be stretched in an irreversible manner
Your eyes now squeezed generate unnecessary tears
But it keeps increasing to a level till you would bear
The effects are  heart-warming at times or grotesque in nature
After it , you yourself might feel high or chagrined by your skewed behavior
 No, no its not what you thinking if you’ve a pervert mind, my dear

The mask of soberness in front of people that you wear
Gets pellucid for a while making the underneath-true-face glare
It can be a cry of that child inside, with your age that sears
Or an outcome of a celebration with five glasses of beer
Or a feeling of missing good-times while bad-times that you endure
and while you're deluged in it and cannot complete speaking a sentence
You splash it onto the other person trying hard to fill in the missing words..

Your mind now wondering for a moment if really human nature is so weird
To this question and the question throughout the poem that lingers
“What is it??” some might be asking , though it must have been deciphered by the clever
So It is the best medicine as opined by people of all generations
Lets make our lives beautiful with the little things we possess without the need to earn them
As, Life Allows Us to Garden our Hearts with a Tub of water from the Endless River of Laughter…
And yes, yes..It is the Laughter..!

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  1. Thought provoking I must say!!

  2. beautifully crafted.It kept me in suspense till the end(I suppose i am one of the dumb guys :P)

    1. ah..'clever' was used more as a rhyming word for 'linger', so can't really comment on that 'dumb' aspect :p
      but yes you do have patience to read it till the end and active enough to comment which is applaudable!
      so thank you and keep reading :):)

  3. Naughty take on good old laughter. Kept me engaged and smiling! :)

  4. Fine emotional winds!! they say, laughter is the best medicine!!

  5. Brilliant.. i liked the presentation.. crisp and catchy... and the full form of laughter.. i am gonna use that in my book someday :D

  6. I liked "Lets make our lives beautiful with the little things we possess without the need to earn them" the most.
    Usually we loose our valuable enjoyments in vain search of more enjoyable for the future!
    By the time we have what-we-wished-to-have, we commence the search all over for the next-wished-to-have. Thus, we never use the opportunity to enjoy what we already have.

    1. ya..m glad you pointed out the line specifically..and yes what you say is absolutely true..keep reading :)