Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Birth of Inspiration(s)

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Do you remember, as children, we were told the so called educational stories of ants and spiders and other big and small animals time and again.

Those stories illustrated the importance and meaning of then mammoth like giant and weighty terms like perseverance, hard work, sincerity and largesse. As children, we were hardly bothered by those aspects (some of us still don't care for these things...!!). There were stories told revolving around a young poor child making big against all odds and others from various mythologies. All of us remember the famous saying, telling how a rope leaves marks on the inner walls of a well when used repeatedly, depicting the idea and extent of practice, hard work and sincerity.
These stories were narrated to inspire us.
Many of us love to read rags to riches stories. ‘Kaun banega Crorepati?’(based on ‘Who wants to become a Millionaire’) got success as it exploited the same unknown, involuntary desire to get inspired. ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ did the same. (There are obviously many other reasons as to why they drank the the glass full of success..!!)

I’m sure that most of us have been inspired by more than one aspects, things or living beings in our lives.
I myself was reading a heart wrenching inspirational story which compelled me to think of one; the Inspiration of my Life. And then I realized that it should rather be, ‘The Inspirations of my Life’!!..
There is a photo of mine framed, hanging on a wall in my room. I must be around ten month old child in that photo which my uncle clicked after I had got up in the morning on a just normal day. I’ve few strands of my hair falling on my forehead with a ‘bindi’ put on it by my mom and so I got photographed while sitting there wide-eyed as if cogitating on something, unperturbed, but not ignorant, looking at a journey to be undertaken………………….
Yes, that photo inspires me. It inspires me to live, to go onto the path I’ve treaded on for so long. As a child I must have got inspired by a motley of things and as a grown up now, I get inspired by that child, by my childhood....
I think that children, in general are the best inspirational subjects around us. The excitement, the enthusiasm, the vigor and the optimism with which they start and end a day is stirring.
 I remember, I went through a bad phase of my life while I was studying in high school. And so one day while I was heading towards my school in a disoriented way, I confronted a child held in its uncle’s arms smiling brightly at me dissipating the clouds of despair that had earlier enveloped me. I don’t remember its face; I never met that child again, but I remember, that child brought the most selfless smile on my face. It was as beautiful and precious as a flower blossoming in a grave-yard.
It roused me because it told me that one doesn’t always need materialistic success in one’s life to be happy. A little thing like an unknown child’s smile can bring that light needed in your darkest hours of your life. It again inspires me to  keep going as no matter what all and howsoever grotesque I might confront ahead, there will be something beautiful that will quench my thirst and rejuvenate me in my life to go on.

Even, nature can inspire us who is a great teacher and arbitrates in her own global language immutably without any discrimination on the basis of culture, caste, creed, country and anything that divides us otherwise.
And when we talk about the nature mother, how can we preclude speaking of our own mothers!! ( In this post, I can write about my mother only..!!!)
She’s not a very educated woman, nor is she the best person to take advices from, but still she’s definitely the most wonderful and greatest person in my life; and she inspires me immensely.

She taught me when she was a novice and I just a kid
She found me when I was lost; and when I was broken, by her I was fixed
She rebuked me and even now she can chastise me without rattling my ego
She removed the dirt from the surface of the picture of humanity,
When inhumanity beleaguered me and I gasped for breath due to the allergy
Little did I know it is for me that she smiles
And then I swore that I would always smile for her and keep the vile off my face
Little did I know that from her I learnt what it is to be inspired
And so I took the blindfold off my eyes, to see and feel the soft grace
So I walk farewelling sunsets behind, and welcoming the sunrises ahead
Treasuring and cherishing everything I can be inspired by…!!!

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  1. Nice post. Really children are like biggest stress busters, even i have read somewhere if there is a kid in your house, then it has a direct effect on your stress levels.

  2. @Rachit:'re absolutely right and also i believe we can learn a lot from them....
    nice hearing from you...keep visiting the blog :)

  3. "I get inspired by that child, by my childhood...."... best words... n amazing poem..!! :)

  4. @Radhika: Thank you...and i'm glad that you associate yourself with the post, the child and the poem :)

  5. commendably written...nice topic..wonder from where do u get ideas...true it is, a child smile can work wonders :)

  6. @harshna: thnk u...n all of us get ideas.fantastic just has pen down...

  7. nice post and very beautiful poem...Happy Mothers Day

  8. Thank you:) and Happy Mother's day to you too( I'm a bit late though):)

  9. Hi

    Very nice post...True....My biggest teacher for now is my son...:) ...In his little ways he sometimes inspires me in so many ways...Happy Mothers Day to you too :)

  10. Hi..Thank you :)
    Glad you liked the post..and my mother somehow considers me as one of her teachers ;)

  11. beautifully written. there are posts which make us feel that we have read something exceptional and this is one such post.

    will come back for more and i am sure i will learn a few things about writing.

    kids bring selfless smile on my face as well :)

  12. Hey thanks a lot :) and do keep visiting! :)