Wednesday, July 13, 2011


                                                              Flames to dust ,Past to existence
                                                                 Iron to rust, gold to pretense
                                                                Time to haste, love to revenge
                                                             Glut to waste, glory to demotion
                                          In my mind all of it piles up to clog the drainage
                                                      Dull isn’t it, is this what you wanted?
                                         To see the nasty peril taking you into its bondage??

I drag my feet against the ground
I dance for the devil anonymous, unaware, like a clown
How many times would you give the devil a chance
It makes a mockery out of your life and you still take it as a prank
Can you not see the face, of course you can’t, you’re blindfolded
A rigid shaft in which your life has already been molded
You cannot see the unseen with your naked eyes wide open
But I see it through my twitched eyes,through the convoluted fiber woven
It is the destiny that arrogates everything we ever own
It is the devil that binds us to our life in this world, whether idyllic or forlorn….

Take me to the first dew, to an early morning rain
The life poured into our bodies cannot be now changed
We can at least adulterate the poison with antidote forced into our veins
Take me to the freshwater of the free spirited river
 flowing ahead of fixated constellations, in an aplomb manner
Our ears benumbed by the blaring sounds of horns
 popping out of the world’s cloak’s every invisible hole
Take me to a sky where chirpy birds glide Higher Heights
away from the black hole, free after scraping the ugly witch’s face full of black moles
Take me to the land shining soothingly with reflection of the moon
We may not live, although we can sojourn in a celestial world,
A terrain no one ever reigned, beautiful with flowers and leaves
We’ll make it true with our efforts solid with determination and soft with dreams

At least, I do get success every time I shut my eyelids when heavy with the burden
I can open them feeling light  in my perfect world which in the real world is seldom
And this perfect world on the other side of my eyes,
slips away from the shackles of my life,
and so I walk into this  PARALLEL UNIVERSE  that I’ve designed,
in which the flame of love lives throughout the time and
Where gold is only the nature of heart of every person here
Where destiny is interdicted and time flows like a perennial river…….



  1. U r a good writer bt to be true,ur lines outsmarted my intelligence(if i evr possessed one).As i m unable to get into d skin of ur words may be ur vocab is too strong fr me."I dance for the devil anonymous, unaware, like a clown" superliked this lines.

    Going by d heading of ur post"Parallel universe",i thought it to be a sci-fi stuff(as i m fan of such things) major amazement is how well the nexus u established between parallel universe at d ending with internal quests and emotions.I too want to be part of such beautiful pseudo-reality.

    Good post.....

  2. umh..i don't get what you understood and what not. But I'm sure you got the gist of the poem and I'm glad you were able to connect with that want of becoming part of the 'pseudo-reality' :)

    and of course thank you and frankly speaking, after i wrote the poem, i too got amazed by few lines i wrote and trust me that has got nothing to do with's just that it's difficult to understand lines written by some one else in a different state of mind.

    and thank you once gain:)

  3. You know, what I liked about your poem is the fact that it is quite modern but have a gentleness to it <3

    1. that's a very thoughtful comment..glad you liked it :)
      keep reading :)

  4. Its good to believe in the parallel universe. If the belief is strong enough, out reality might just be the parallel universe we were seeking all along. Very aptly put poetry, Sakshi :)

    1. Hmn..that's another way to look at the reality..
      and thank you :):)
      Keep reading..!!

  5. That was nicely written, though the lines began to get longer after the first stanza.
    What emotions were you going through that brought out these thoughts? Because generally ,there is a lot of emotions involved which compels a person to write.
    I must agree that even I slip into the world of daydream whenever reality starts to look a little too much to handle. So, I could connect with the point you were trying to make here.

    1. A maelstrom of emotions perhaps compelled me to write..and poems usually come to me instead of the other way round..Glad that you could connect with the underlying point :)
      and thank you :)

  6. Utopia...parallel universe...places we visit more often than we would like to acknowledge, places we rush to as soon as the real world allows us to, or perhaps more often ...this poem is beautifully woven with subtlety and meaning. At times though I had to concentrate hard to understand the depth of emotions and the gravity of the message the words were trying to convey :D
    I myself wrote something on similar lines sometime back-

    1. hey thank you :)
      and we do visit the parallel universe more often than we admit ;)
      will love to read your post :)