Thursday, January 10, 2013

This Road

hope after pain, rape

This road goes somewhere, I think and so do you
This sky is limitless and so is the time that brews
your grief, your sins, your joy, your deeds
in all those hours that you spent in those pits and at cliffs
You know that you know nothing
And you know that the true may not even exist

You’ve seen everything and yet nothing
So you try to recall and try to dig
You then find a trunk of treasure and gifts, cheers and spit
and those moments that had lasted few seconds,
your hopes and fears that have both throbbed and numbed
You were confident but you don’t know what to believe

You’re tired, you’re torn, you’re in company and yet forlorn
But if I open the doors to the white beaches and blue seas
I know you’ll run towards it with open heart, and free legs and arms
I know it’s just under a layer of dust, your yearn, not torn
In your heart, yes you have a heart, no matter how you are
you carry the energy of life, the sanctity of death
the whispers of eternity, the echoes of your breath

You may not realise what has been seen by your eyes
the ugliness of heinous brutality,
the vividness of kindness and generosity
You may not realise when the blink of your eyes took a longer time
and you missed the drops of reality
that would have livened up the essence of you and your life

The pastures are still green somewhere down this road
that you and I have taken up to explore
the unseen, the unknown, the beauty that we wish to hope
that is still there, not murdered, not raped
and lies naked and clothed at its own wish, with pride and dreams unfettered
where you and I will not step back or fear
But with our eyes squinched, we’ll pause in awe from distance to see
the beauty that is to be loved and not conquered,
before we move ahead feeling blessed and in bliss

Remember that we may know nothing, but we know to hope
We may not have the map, but we know there’s the road..

Life goes on. For those who are feeling pathetic about the inhuman incidents that our minds are repeatedly horrified with, I want to say, that we have to keep moving towards the light, howsoever distant it may be; that we have to keep striving to make our lives better.


  1. Loved it ... a beautiful message !!!

    1. Thank you :)
      Yours comments are always awaited :)

  2. Good message:)

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    Thanks & Regards

    1. Thank you :)
      I'll check out the calendar for sure.

  3. Inspirational...great words speaking a lot :)

  4. and lies naked and clothed at its own wish, with pride and dreams unfettered
    where you and I will not step back or fear..

    a moving post.. very inspiration in these times of terror..

    good one Sakshi.. loved it thoroughly..

  5. Hi Sakshi,

    Indeed, life goes on for many, in fact, for the majority. Everybody thinks that this is just another incident and that such bad things would never befall on them. If only people became serious about issues happening in their country or even their own neighbourhood.

    Good post.


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    1. are right..we have to move on, but more importantly learn from the past to make everyone's future brighter..
      Glad yo liked the post :)

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    1. Hi

      Thank You.
      I visited your blog and also commented over there. Great work I must say!!

      Sakshi Shioramwar

  7. Wow ! Seriously enjoyed reading it a lot. It was really refreshing :D
    xoxo <3

    1. Thanks :) :)
      Will be visiting your blog..!!

  8. Brilliant! One of the better inspirational posts I have come across in a long time :)

    1. Oh..glad to see such a comment, feels great.. and yea, I surely will be visiting your blog :)

  9. Hey sakshi ,,
    I'm really inspired by your post and loved the msg you tried to deliver trough the post :)

    Thank you for voting my post on indiblogger...

    1. Hi Noopur,
      I'm glad you liked the post :)
      and you are welcome :)

  10. loved the poem for its inspiring message and for the elegant way of your writing . . true to the core . . sometimes all we need to do is to keep moving forward

    1. Hey Maliny..Thank You :) and ya, in any case not stagnancy, but evolution helps..

  11. Life goes on yes... but we need to improve a lot of things too!

  12. exactly. Just keep moving towards the light. the small obstacles are tests similar to those we give in order to pass :) inspiring! keep up the good work:)

    1. Thank you :)
      Keep reading more on this blog :)