Monday, October 1, 2012

Foolish you

You are getting nervous, do you know that?
Your gaze is at her but you’re trying hard to look away
Your heart beats are skipping the regular count
It’s not normal, can it be gainsaid?

Your side of garden is full of roses in the times of drought
There are butterflies fluttering spiralling the red hearts in the peak summers
Your days and nights are in direct proportion
to the number of times in your mind she appears
Your wishes are different shades of the same colour
Nod your head if it’s not a usual behaviour

You are telling yourself that telling her won’t do any good
May be you’re right but the truth will still goon
You’re running in circles around your own mind
In your head, your words are hunting you, and they simply never die
You are chasing the squirrel of solution around the tree,
the roots of which simply do not exist
underneath the grounds that you’re standing upon..

The memory of the facts seem to grind your skull
Your heart aches, suffocates, forgets and jumps into the deep dark waters
But soon you heartless feel the empty space within you, in the core
You miss the childlike crazy heart that you wore
The heart that made you a demon, bird and human
You are teased by the lost innocence that you just threw away
And you’re left alone staring blankly into the space

You’re getting pale, do you know that?
You disowned nonchalantly your true colour
as if you have the ability to weave another
Your artificial colour painted on your skin will leave in coming seasons
Your so called love by then, will have deprived you of everything
Foolish you, you gave up your heart just for nothing..

So listen to me, and pay some heed
Whistle the tune of joy, of simple innocence and not greed
Desert the bloody roses of grim soils of the superficial gardens
Unhinge your mind off her; the knot of the troubles will be untied
Rediscover clear skies, and soar your kite of destiny high
The dry cutting pain of the emptied space of your heart
Will be made fertile once again for your lovely heart
And promise it you’ll never give it away just like that..!!

Also, I came across a beautiful song. You may like to listen to it here.


  1. Great like always :) :)

    Great concoction of Singer and blogger :)

  2. Gr8 Post !!! You know these days I exactly feel like this and I call this state the second stage of "AAhtein Ho Rahi Hai,,Dil Ke Dar Pe Mere" Kind of feeling.

  3. You have written it from a guy's perspective? Lol Well written though!

    1. Yup..I've written it from a guy's perspective..and Thank You :)

  4. Passed you an award:

    1. Hi Pooja..Thank You so much for the award :)
      You made my day!! :)

  5. Crazy little thing called love!

    Nice lines ... am not a huge fan of love poems, though!

    1. Thank you :)
      and inspite of the fact that you being not a fan of love poems, I'm Glad you liked the lines! So keep reading and always to eager to know your insight..
      You also may like these poems and these are not love poems:

  6. great read.. It's from the perspective of a guy that made it more special.. :) Many guys cud relate to it..

    1. Yeah..I tried and I think I somewhat succeeded in writing that way..glad you could relate to it :)
      and yes thank you :)

  7. Hi Sakshi,

    Lovely poem, I could almost visualize a film playing in these lines. Sometimes love does tend to get foolish. That's the way it is sometimes.

    Happy new year Sakshi, hope you have a great year ahead.


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    1. Hi Jay,

      Thanx a lot :) I'm really glad you liked it so much and were able to connect.
      And yes Happy New Year to you too and your family :)

      With Thanks and Regards

  8. Superb is the right word.. v well written !

  9. it felt romantic

    lovely poem and a very good song


    1. Thank you Bikramjit..glad you liked the song too :)