Sunday, September 4, 2011

Symphonies-Loved or Illegitimate…

As the fat walls hug you in the lazy afternoon
and no one hears you humming the loud music playing in you earphones
For few moments you ride high on the stout waves of drumbeats
before a  tune strikes you and you pause the music…everything coming to a standstill
You stare impassively at those walls now
as if playing the ‘Game of Statue’ with them,
Now who’s to say ‘Start’, when like walls, you become flabbergasted
Your competitor, the wall,  remains still, but a heartbeat of yours can’t be omitted
So while you lose another childish game, you remember the lost battles of your lifetime
You’ve stopped the music, but the time would stop for no gold no dime,
So you keep sitting fixed onto your bed
In your mind hundreds of times you’ve fled,
and feel the pain in your feet that turned stones red as they had bled,
whilst in the background the same meddlesome music being played……

This powerful can the music you hear be……….
And you’ve to be careful as it makes you climb a tree…
coz it can break your joints if you don’t know how to step your feet back onto the ground
Or else repeatedly falling off the favorite colorful tree, would aggravate the deep blue wound
But I guess, it must be like smoking or other kinds of addiction
Where you stand by it vehemently expecting some kind of exaltation
Or like while flying a kite, your spirits also with which soar,
for which you can stand barefooted on the hot terrace  with your slashed finger ignored
Or like speeding a bike on a long forlorn dusty road,
You cut the air with a countryside/rock music’s blade 
Unperturbed by the palpable dangers clouding around you like a swarm of bees
This stentorian that music can be………

But if it rains how many times do you fear cold
and refrain yourself from sprawling out and getting chilled in downpour
You breathe in the music, as we exhale it in our actions,
The music calms us while at times we fall in for its pretensions,
So we unconsciously stand, as if standing in between a rock and a hard stone
In the case of which it’s better that we sit and enjoy the unpredictable outcome
Either we may live the epitome of our fantasy world
Or we scathe our time by unfolding the fears that were earlier bundled
The feelings that emanate are either like dew drops dripping off the fresh leaves palmed by thirsty ground,
Or it may be grotesque like blood gushing out of a cut throat or a noisome wound
Such are the contrasting outcomes of music that we hear
We taste it, we ravish it, at times we even spew it out
But then we consume it like food, like water, like life
This music dutifully walks along with us, like our life’s wife
Whom we can’t abandon, whose presence in our world is simply ubiquitously rife…!!

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  1. I can tell how much you love music. Reading the post... and being a lover myself, it made me smile.

    1. Well, you were able to relate yourself to these 'lines' and that make me feel really great :)CHEERS to all the music lovers like us!! :)

  2. Mmm! Yet another music lover..wish i could express my love for music as well

    1. hmn..all you have to do is listen to music in complete isolation( from other human beings may be) and then something will definitely come your way and the end result would be another interesting post on your love for music from your side!! Do write :)

  3. I agree!!! Music has been my best friend too...A very well written poem, Sakshi!

  4. Replies
    1. Hi Animesh, I didn't really get your comment, as in, why are you thanking me!!?
      I hope you liked the post..and thank you for visiting my blog :)

  5. Your post is like a symphony in itself, taking us through the various moods, and at various paces, and revealing different arrangements. Very nicely written.

    1. thank you so much:) this was one of the best comments I've kind of made my day :):)