Saturday, March 7, 2015

The Balloon Man

“It’s useless to spree; you just think you’re free
In a balloon that carries you, you reach dormant heights
Where everyone sees you, But hey! You balloon man!
You think you can, but you can’t
Chase the free birds or touch the stars
Coz to the walls of the balloon
Limited is your wisdom sparse
 Of course you’re something shiny
Made of burlesque for bourgeoisie
But all you do is tinkle and remember not twinkle
Like the ones grounded but light with wisdom
The wisdom of who continue to shine
From beneath the crinkled
You don’t know them Balloon man
They obviously don’t fall in your circle
They are to whom glory doesn’t matter
Those fake cheers are nothing but titter tatter 
While you wicker away in that swollen balloon
Here love tenders, flowers and laughter bloom
Do you still think it was worth
to render such rendition worthless?
You lacked apathy and mocked people’s sagacity
You called it dull what was but only serenity 
Well I think you shot yourself dead, you braggart!
With that extra dose of adrenaline
It’s worse than jumping off the top of a building
Coz here you know and you have to wait
Till you reach the height when the balloon bursts
The same society that you once mocked
would pity you now, as you fall  back
And you thought the scene you would put on display
Would be the likes of that of a shooting star?
Well, you are nothing more than a faultily thrown falling dart.
I see Balloon Man; the world down here
Never looked glorious to you vainglorious
But you and we were the beauty
Those stars shone upon and viewed lovingly”
Well well, you conceited cynical societal pseudo-intellectual man!
Your life is nothing but greased with everything mundane
This life that you worship is a lie
and nothing more than a fleeting butterfly
You think it would remain for some time
But when did time become your ally
Your life is a balloon just like mine
It will crumble you before you die
You dream no more than to just live
But I had a dream and my balloon had it realized

I’m the balloon man who flew in the sky
And I’m sure the stars heard me laugh and cry
“What a flying beauty!” I heard them sigh
And as I fall, I don’t wait to die
I breathe in life more than you would ever
And it’s called undying spirit not some adrenaline rush
My heart is not heavy, but as light as that of a child
I’m the balloon man, I only rise!”